How about that amendment number one? It is so confusing that some people who have already voted think they might have made made the wrong choice. There is actually a movement to take the amendment off the ballot entirely. Doesn’t anyone read these things before putting them on the ballot, and before printing the thing?

The good news is that people are focusing on solar power. While driving across the country this past summer, from Florida to Washington state, I couldn’t help noticing fields of windmills that were providing power to those areas. I saw the same thing, years ago in southern California. Wow! Less oil needs, less money spent. Yeah!

Oil drilling in Florida:

I have recently become aware of the impending dangers to our fresh water reserves. Every time I go on the computer, I find another astonishing fact. Do you know that there has been underground drilling for oil in Florida since 1943. The present ban on oil drilling off of the coast of Florida is only for a few years timeframe. Many companies would still like to drill here, and they are supported by many of our legislators. We need to be aware and active. Jane